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The Decor 1

This is the featuresome, uncompromising, spacious family home of your dreams!

Boasting 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a study nook, you have all of the comforts needed to build your ultimate family home.

Why choose Decor Homes?

Established in 1996, Decor Homes is a family orientated business and what makes Decor Homes different from many other companies is that you deal directly with the builder.


The Decor 1 Total Areas

5 Bed, 4 Bath, 2 Car
Ground Floor149.55 m2
Portico9.10 m2
Garage39.75 m2
Alfresco44.40 m2
First Floor142.85 m2
Balcony9.85 m2
Total Area395.50 m2


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